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Rotary Protective Coating Drums

protective coating drumsCleaned castings enter coating drum where special liquid bath further reduces temperature for easier handling while thoroughly coating parts with a rust inhibitor.

  • Rotary tumble action for more thorough coating and draining of parts, including pockets.
  • Simple, smooth drive system with no high frequency vibration to produce high loads and rapid wear.
  • Very low drive horsepower.
  • Precision laser alignment of main support bearings.
  • If fume collection is required at all, very low CFM due to small open area.
  • No special foundation requirements for minimal installation cost.
  • Fully automatic feed of parts, reducing labor costs.
  • Patented segmented cast ductile iron liners provide lower noise, much better wear resistance, and ease of replacement.
  • Drive components are standard, off-the-shelf items that are easily accessible.
  • Variable speed drive to suit parts and coating characteristics.
  • Completely self-contained unit.