Revolutionizing Foundry Equipment since 1974

Beyond the Foundry

When you have earned a reputation for making some of the foundry industry's toughest and most reliable equipment, it does not take long for the word to spread. Over the years, DIDION equipment has been used outside of the foundry industry for a wide variety of applications.

Quarries and Mining Operations - Rotary Separators and Lump Crushers have been used to process and extract materials.

Ammunition Manufacturer - DIDION modified some of its existing technology to create a Sand Reclaimer and Conditioner that would recover all metal and remove dust particles from sand used in an extensive test firing range.

Glass Manufacturer - DIDION Rotary Blending Drums drums were developed to effectively blend sand and other raw materials for a leading manufacturer of glass products.

Wood Processing - The Rotary Drying technology used to reclaim sand and clean foundry scrap has been effectively used to dry a variety of wood products.

Food Processing - DIDION created stainless steel Rotary Blending Drums for a manufacturer of food products.

If you are interested in learning more about DIDION's Rotary Technology and how it can be used in your operation, please contact us.