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Alabama Ductile Castings - DIDION Rotary Media Drum reduces shot blast time by 70%.

Betz Industries - DIDION Rotary Lump Crusher / Sand Reclaimer allows leading foundry to reclaim 97% of its sand while eliminating the need for pneumatic scrubbers.

Buck Co. - DIDION Rotary Media Drum eliminates need for cleaning process on 75% of foundries castings.

Saint Gobain Pipelines - DIDION Rotary Drum combines shakeout, sand screening, casting cleaning, and casting cooling into one process reduces related costs by 50%.

Gartland Foundry - Foundry reduces lead-times and costs with DIDION equipment.

Lee Brass - Quality and efficiency are improved with addition of DIDION Rotary Media Drum and Conveyor Dynamics Conveyors.

O-Z/Gedney - Maintenance costs are reduced by 90% and scrap rates lowered by 75% dues to switch from vibratory shakeout to DIDION Rotary Media Drum.

Southern Aluminum Castings - DIDION Rotary Reclaimer recovers $149,636 in ten days.

Austin Foundry - Wisconsin based foundry uses DIDION Rotary Sand Reclaimer to reclaim 4 million pounds of spent sand en route to saving $250,000 annually.

Neptune Technologies - Brass foundry reclaims $321,867 in three months with DIDION Rotary Metal Reclaimer.

Smith Foundry Company - Minnesota based foundry maintains competitive advantage with DIDION Rotary Foundry Equipment.

WABTEC Foundry - DIDION Rotary Media Drum provides solution to unique challenges.

Metal Recovery Increases Savings- US Based iron foundry turns iron slag waste into an efficient money making machine with the help of Didion.