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Austin Foundry Reclaims Buried Treasure

Austin Foundry Corp., of Sheboygan WI, is a gray and ductile iron jobbing shop that has been producing quality castings ranging in size from one pound to 5,000 pounds for a wide variety of industries since 1946. Their molds are chemically bonded with Furan and some Pepset binders.
"We first considered a sand reclamation system a few years back, but with the recent downturn in the economy and our ever-increasing costs, becoming even more costs efficient became a priority. The cost savings potential of a DIDION® Sand Reclamation System became obvious", says Sean Girdaukas, Vice President of AUSTIN FOUNDRY CORP.

"We sent sand samples to DIDION for testing, using their Rotary Lump Crusher/Sand Reclaimer system. DIDION'S patented design crushed the hard lumps, scrubbed the binder off the sand grains, screened the sand twice, recirculated the screen overs, and separated tramp metal. After evaluating the test results and their proposal, we purchased and installed DIDION® Sand Reclamation System. Installation was fast and easy. We are very pleased with the quality of the reclaimed sand and the system is extremely reliable."

"In the first eight months of use, we reclaimed over four million pounds of spent sand which would previously have been sent to a landfill. We were able to dramatically reduce our new sand purchases and disposal costs. In addition, we have been able to cut back on binder and catalyst usage with no ill effect. We anticipate saving a quarter million dollars annually. Helping the environment is saving us money", concludes Girdaukas.

The team at Austin Foundry was exited to reclaim a buried treasure. Turn a waste stream into a revenue stream and keep the EPA and DNR inspectors happy.


Advantages and Features:

  • Patented multi-chamber design combines lump crushing, sand scrubbing, sand conditioning, dual sand screening, and metal separation for the fastest payback.
  • The time-tested design has the best performance/highest yield (up to 97%) in the industry.
  • Significant savings from reduced binder consumption, lower new sand purchases, and minimal disposal costs.
  • Additional savings from conditioned and higher quality reclaimed sand (which is more uniform/consistent) lowers finishing costs and reduces casting scrap.
  • The patented design has the lowest operating cost per ton in the industry worldwide, with system sizes from 1-100 TPH.
  • Highly efficient air-wash separation reduces binder, dust, debris, and excess fines.
  • Continuous improvement and development have made us the world leader in sand reclamation.

To learn how a DIDION Rotary Sand Reclamation System can improve the way you do business, please contact us today.