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Didion Lump Crusher

Didion Go GreenDealing with spent sand has always been a challenge for foundries, but with environmental regulations getting more stringent all the time, reclaiming one's sand is becoming much more critical to success than ever.

The DIDION Rotary Lump Crusher / Sand Reclaimer represents the most efficient and reliable foundry sand reclaimer in the industry. It is environmentally friendly and has the lowest operating cost, per ton, worldwide. It crushes, scrubs, separates, screens and classifies large mold lumps into reusable grain size sand while automatically discharging tramp metal and debris.

Standard models process lumps from 2 to 50 tons per hour either in batches or continuously and the versatile design allows sand to be discharged at either end. Custom machines can also be built to accommodate specific applications.

  Sand Reclaimer Liner
Attrition chamber features perforations that transport sand to scrubbing chamber.

The DIDION's extra heavy duty construction saves on maintenance and reduces downtime while its efficient design helps minimize utility costs and dust. Plus, since no operator is required, extra labor savings can be enjoyed. With an optional variable jet burner, one can even reclaim wet, outside and dump sand as well.

Installation is simple as the DIDION Lump Crusher / Sand Reclaimer requires no pits or special foundations.

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