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Our customers ofter refer to DIDION machines as Rotary Profit Centers because they represent the most efficient and economical processing machinery in the foundry industry.

  • Rotary is easier to install.
  • Rotary is cheaper to run and maintain.
  • Rotary is quieter and more environmentally friendly.
  • Rotary systems offer superior performance in a large majority of applications.

The list of rotary processing machinery DIDION designs and builds is impressive, just take a look below.

Rotary Media Drums®
Media Drums scrub off cling sand to provide clean castings and returns thereby eliminating or greatly reducing shot blast time. Cleaned castings are cool enough to handle with gloves and can be inspected prior to grinding.
Rotary Sand / Casting Separators
These machines quietly and efficiently separate sand from castings, empty sand pockets, and remove gates and cores.
Rotary Lump Crusher / Sand Reclaimers
DIDION offers the most efficient and reliable Rotary Lump Crushers/Sand Reclaimers in the industry. These machines crush, scrub, screen, and classify large mold lumps to reusable grain size sand.
sanding screen Rotary Sand Screens
DIDION Rotary Sand Screens blend, condition, and remove core butts and tramp metal from return sand in one easy step.
Rotary Sand Blending / Cooling Drums
These machines blend, cool, condition, screen, and classify green return sand efficiently to improve the sand system and increase production.
rotary dross reclaimer Rotary Dross / Slag Metal Reclaimers
The DIDION Rotary Slag Separator / Metal Reclaimer is a patented machine that reclaims valuable metallics from dross, salt cake, and slag. Its highly efficient design combines crushing, scrubbing, cleaning, double screening, and classification.
Rotary Sprue Crusher / Cleaners
These high efficiency machines utilize a rotary tumble action to crush core butts and clean the sand off gates, runners, and sprue.
Rotary Carbon Separator / Thimble Cleaners
DIDION Rotary Carbon Separator / Thimble Cleaners utilize a highly efficient tumbling action for thorough cleaning of carbon from cast iron thimbles.
rotary dryers Rotary Dryers
DIDION Rotary Dryers feature the most economical, efficient, and reliable method for drying a full range (and sizes) of materials. They provide optimum material exposure to incoming heated air, maintaining temperature uniformity with a variable jet burner.

Rotary Protective Coating Drums
Protective Coating Drums take clean castings and subject them to a special liquid bath that further reduces temperature for easier handling while thoroughly coating parts with a rust inhibitor.


Conveying & Vibratory Equipment

DIDION's sister company Conveyor Dynamics manufactures a full line of vibratory conveyors, feeders, shakeouts, compaction tables, and shot blast charging systems. Visit Conveyor Dynamics.