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Smith Foundry Company Modernizes Casting Operation

Clean, Cool and Degated castings at the discharge.
Blended, Conditioned and Double-screened return sand.
Clean returns go directly to remelt, realizing great savings in melting efficiency and furnace lining wear.

Smith Foundry Company, Minneapolis, MN is a family owned casting manufacturer dating back to 1923. Their niche is highly specialized low volume runs producing Grey, Ductile and ADI. The castings are produced on flaskless automatic molding lines and in No-bake molds, ranging from ounces to 400 pounds.

"In order to maintain our competitive edge, we seek out innovative ways to maximize our throughput by improving efficiency", says Neil Ahlstrom, President of Smith Foundry. "When our Shakeout System needed updating, we investigated various equipment options and ultimately decided to install a DIDION® MD-50 Mark 5 rotary Media Drum along with Conveyor Dynamics Corporation Feed and Return sand conveyors. We're very pleased with the resulting performance and savings. It is important to us that our customers see our dedication to them and the industry, as we modernize our casting operations", concludes Neil Ahlstrom.

"Our experience with DIDION® Rotary Foundry Equipment goes back almost 30 years, so we knew first hand about their excellent customer service and follow-up", reports Joe Nelson, Maintenance Supervisor. "We really like the improvements and innovative features on the new model machine - from the updated Drive Package to the thicker, extra heavy duty lining; and we got over 10 years life with the old style liners. It's rewarding knowing you made the right decision when you see the savings. The castings and returns are cleaner; the sand is double screened and stays in the sand system. Our casting finish is better, since the core butts, debris, and tramp metal is screened out and the sand is thoroughly conditioned before it goes back to the mixer."

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