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MK5 Rotary Media Drum Provides Impressive Performance and Fast Payback

John Vickers, Vice President & General Manager, Ken Wright, Director of Operations, Castings and Dave Walsh, QPS Manager, examine a cleaner casting from the new DIDION Media Drum. 

USER - WABTEC Foundry, Ontario, Canada is a foundry specializing in aluminum, gray and ductile iron for the Railway Industry.

OPERATION - Air-set/no-bake and automatic green sand molding 32 x 30 x 12/12, 24 x 20 x 10/10, tight flask molding 13 x 18 x 6/6 and a squeezer line feeding a new DIDION Mark 5 Series Rotary Media Drum.

PROBLEM - The 25-year-old DIDION Rotary Sand Casting Separator needed to be replaced and WABTEC needed a shakeout that could process aluminum and iron castings produced on the same sand system. Sand lumps from the high pressure molding line, when running aluminum, were making their way through the shakeout drum. This is very unique and a challenge for both the foundry and equipment manufacturers.

SOLUTION - The new DIDION Mark 5 Series Rotary Media Drum was chosen, as it was the most efficient system, which combined shakeout, sand screening, casting cooling and cleaning. The media bed in the drum protects the aluminum castings produced on the same molding lines as the iron castings.

BENEFITS - The cleaner and cooler castings improves production flow. The sand from the various molding lines is blended, conditioned and screened twice for superb return sand that is consistent in both temperature and moisture. The clean gates, runners and sprue increases melting efficiency and reduce slag build up and disposal costs. Virtually, no sand comes through the Media Drum. WABTEC Foundry is very pleased with the performance and fast payback.

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