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Neptune Technologies
We Reclaimed $321,876.00 in Three Months

Brass Foundry Reclaims $321,867 in Three Months

Neptune Technologies, Tallassee, AL is a medium sized brass foundry specializing in the manufacturing of unleaded brass water meters. They utilize Green Sand and Lost Foam molding producing castings up to 250 pounds.

In the words of Deric Murphy, Foundry Engineer:
"With the souring costs of scrap metal our team decided it was time to start reclaiming the valuable metal from our slag and other waste streams in-house."

This really happened.
"Our prior supplier was using DIDION® Rotary Metal Reclaimer to reclaim some of our material, so I contacted DIDION International to see what they would recommend for our various streams. After running some tests and witnessing the excellent results, we were certain we needed to put in our own slag / metal reclaiming system."

The Outcome.
"We reclaimed $321,867.00 worth of valuable brass in three months. Obviously we are extremely pleased with the results."

He Isn't Getting Paid To Say This.
The group at Neptune Technologies made a smart decision. Reclaiming six figures worth of metal in three months can help any company. Like we always say, buying a DIDION® is like putting money in the bank. This is proof.

The DIDION® RT Series can:

  • Lower your operating and maintenance costs from 50 - 80%.
  • Increase melting efficiency with higher concentrates and much cleaner melt stock.
  • Greatly improve the workplace by reducing airborne dust.
  • Crush hard lumps with dynamically isolated patented Crushing roller to recover valuable metallics.
  • Automatically recirculate screen overs for cleaner and higher output.
  • Autogenously mill dross lumps for excellent reduction and separation.
  • Separate and air wash the dust from the metallics with patented dual chamber design.

To learn how a DIDION® Rotary Metal Reclaimer can improve the way you do business, please contact us today.