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Rotary Sand / Casting Separators

rotary separator

Method of Operation

Poured molds are delivered into the intake end of the rotary drum. As the molds tumble through the drum, the sand is separated from the casting, crushed to grain size, and dissipated through apertures in the lining to the outer chamber, where it is conveyed to the sand discharge point. The cleaned castings travel to the casting discharge end of the drum, where they exit and move to the next stage of processing in the cleaning room. The tumbling action in the DIDION crushes sand lumps, removes core butts, and empties sand pockets. The apertures in the patented lining act as a rotary screen to prevent tramp metal, core butts, and other foreign material from entering the sand system. Moreover, the sand is homogenized and uniform in temperature, since cooler sand from molds entering the DIDION is constantly mixed with hotter sand as it passes through the lining into the sand chamber. This allows for better sand control at the muller.


The rugged, unitized construction of the DIDION is designed with dependability and simplicity in mind. Wear and tear, along with energy consumption, have been reduced to a minimum. All component parts are standard items which may be purchased through local sources or from DIDION International Inc. The liner segments are wear-resistant, alloyed ductile iron designed for long life and may be replaced either individually or as a complete lining, according to installation requirements. The DIDION provides increased reliability and production time for the foundry as a result of the design simplicity of the drum. The DIDION Rotary Sand Casting Separator is a low maintenance piece of equipment with approximately eight hours per year required for regular servicing.


The DIDION is designed for use in any type of molding system-from conventional to automatic. The configuration of the lining is specifically designed for each installation in order to provide the most efficient separation of sand and castings, while minimizing excess tumbling of the castings. Standard sand discharge locations at either end of the unit provide easy installation into new or existing foundry systems. A custom-designed intermediate sand discharge (located at almost any point along the drum) will allow sand to be discharged onto existing sand return conveyors.