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70% Reduction in Shot Blast Time

ALABAMA DUCTILE CASTINGS CO. (ADCCO). Brewton, AL. streamlined a bottleneck in its shakeout and cleaning operation with the installation of our MD-200 rotary media drum.

This high-production automotive foundry produces 1,000 molds an hour on three Disamatic molding machines. "A big emphasis was placed on how our 13-year-old foundry could deal with this material handling problem," said John Topping vice-president and general manager.

All three lines are fed into the drum which combines sand/casting separation, rotary sand screening, casting cleaning and casting cooling in one piece of equipment. Topping said the new equipment has produced several measurable improvements:

  • Shot and blast time reduced 60% - 70% (from 20-22 minutes to 5 - 8 minutes)
  • 60% - 70% reduction in power usage, shot consumption
  • Reduced operating costs and maintenance including a 40% labor savings
  • Cleaner castings, cool enough to handle with gloves
  • Cleaner and quieter environment

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