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Rotary Dryers

DIDION Rotary Dryer

After we designed the best dryer available, we also made sure that it was safe (OSHA approved); efficient (open end design for easy loading); economical (low horsepower, low CFM requirements); dependable (laser aligned to minimize wear).

You see, the DIDION Rotary Dryer is totally reliable technology for drying a full range (and sizes) of materials. Uniquely designed to provide optimum product exposure to incoming heated air, it also maintains temperature uniformity with a variable Jet burner.

What's more, our unique design ensures:

  • Minimum installation
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Improved efficiency with dust and heat containment
  • Drive system minimizes vibration
  • Drive components standard, off-the-shelf items
  • Automatic control with adaptable programming