Revolutionizing Foundry Equipment since 1974


We realize our strength comes from the individuals who work here. Individuals with different backgrounds, different experiences and different ways of accomplishing things. If you're ready to work for a company that embraces those differences, we encourage you to apply at DIDION.



  • Ability to interpret and follow complex blueprint drawings.
  • Ability to maneuver parts/components that weigh up to 150 lbs.
  • Ability to work in close quarters (i.e., inside a cylinder as small as 48” I.D. requiring extensive bending/kneeling for several hours at a time, lifting components up to 150 lbs., swinging 12-15 lb. sledge hammer as well as other).
  • Knowledge of various welding codes i.e., GMAW, SMAW, AND FCAW.
  • Ability to travel out of town for service on site for customers of the equipment manufactured by DIDION.  (Includes both domestic and international travel).
  • Operate effectively and safely the following equipment:
    1. Mig Welder - .035 – 1/16 wire.
    2. Hand held power tools: grinders, saws, drills, cutting equipment and spray paint equipment.
    3. Drill Presses
    4. Overhead Cranes
    5. Forklifts
    6. Vertical Saw

We encourage you to come in directly to fill out an application or email your resume' to