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Southern Aluminum Castings Reclaims $149,636 in 10 days

In the words of Dick Lingenfelter:

"With the future environmental laws being so uncertain, we became concerned about disposal costs and, after careful analysis, decided to purchase a DIDION Rotary Sand Reclaimer. A local asphalt plant was interested in our dump sand, saving us $3.00 per ton in tipping fees, but we needed to remove the small aluminum before it was approved for their use."

This really happened.

"Because of its simple operation, we began running our outside sand through the DIDION, even though our full system was not in operation. In two week's time, we recovered 187,045 pounds of aluminum from our mixed inventory."

You do the math. Payback in less than a week.

"The DIDION has greatly improved our plant appearance and environmental conditions. Obviously, we are extremely pleased with the results."

He isn't getting paid to say this. Promoted, maybe.

The folks at Southern Aluminum replaced their old vibratory equipment with Rotary solutions from DIDION. They made a smart decision. Finding $149,636.00 in your back yard can cure the shakes in any foundry. Like we always say, buying a DIDION is like putting money in the bank. This is proof.

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